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Telic is ultra-comfortable adaptive footwear, created by athletes for optimal rejuvenation after sports. Made earth-friendly with Novalon Eco™ technology, doctor recommended and athlete approved. Soft, supportive and lightweight, Telic wearers say they've "never felt anything like this."

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Telic's footwear reacts to your body's temperature and softens according to the temperature of your foot. This will allow Telic to conform perfectly to your personal shape.


When we walk or run we are pushing the ground with a force that is several times our body weight on our forelegs. Novalon technology supports the arches of your feet through our custom deep heel cup while minimising pressure. This is to ensure your foot can maintain its original shape without being subjected to bending or deforming.


Tested to rebound better, maintain its shock absorbing properties longer, and last twice as long as your standard shoe. With excellent cushioning, resilience, and elasticity, these recovery thongs can be worn for a long period, with less strain on the body and to relieve tense muscles and fatigue after exercise.


Supportive, shock absorbing, and feather-light; Telic footwear makes you feel like you are floating above the ground. The textured footbed provides a gentle massaging effect while minimising moisture. The footbed also increases ventilation, creating air that flows under the foot.


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